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"Sleep that soothes away all our worries. Sleep that puts each day to rest. Sleep that relieves the weary laborer and heals hurt minds. Sleep, the main course in life's feast, and the most nourishing.” - William Shakespeare, Macbeth

For Your Home

Hospitality Environments makes it possible for you to bring the sumptuous and luxurious sleep environments of the world’s most prestigious 5-Star hotels right into your home. Scientifically engineered and designed by top sleep experts, our products support the body and mind to provide sleep-affirming technologies for at-home use by the discerning traveler.

We offer sleep solutions that address the health and wellness benefits of an optimal sleep experience with a focus on technology, science, and indulgence. Explore our invitation to Sleep, Breathe, Listen, Feel, and Connect and enjoy the most restful and uplifting sleep you can imagine.

Sleep - Vital For Health

Ahh… Sleep. Resting well is integral to our health, mood, well-being, and productivity. A good night’s sleep revitalizes, heals our body, and empowers us to conquer the day. For many of us, the mythical “perfect sleep” is elusive. We are constantly chasing an ideal sleep. The science of sleep has provided us with some alarming data. Shortened sleep times and poor quality sleep are linked to:

Mood Changes & Mental Health - Chronic sleep deprivation can contribute to anxiety and depression, but even short-term sleep problems can leave you moody, emotional, and unfocussed.

Weakened Immunity - Poor sleep affects your body’s natural defenses leaving you susceptible to viruses and disease.

Risk for Diabetes - Insulin regulation and blood sugar levels are impacted by a lack of sleep.

High Blood Pressure & Heart Disease - Sleep deprivation is linked to inflammation and high blood pressure which can lead to heart disease.

Weight Gain & Obesity - Chemicals in your body that signal hunger and satiation can become unbalanced with lack of sleep leading to overeating and eating to fight feelings of lowered energy. 

Balance & Coordination/ Injuries & Accidents - Drowsiness can affect balance, coordination, focus, and awareness - making you more prone to falls, physical injuries, and even car accidents.

Performance - even one nights’ poor sleep has a demonstrable effect on both physical and mental performance. If poor quality or quantity of sleep is frequently experienced, poor performance will become chronic - affecting every aspect of your capacity to deliver 100% of your potential.

Now consider your ideal sleep... Do you envision a luxury resort with a top-of-the-line bed, sumptuous linens, fresh clean air, insulated from street noise? An engineered environment that provides you with all the provisions for a sleep experience that is restful and revitalizing? Hospitality Environments has designed a completely customized suite of products and tools that allow you to create the elevated and opulent slumber of your best travel experience right in your own home.

Unparalleled Sleep Environments

The Hospitality Environments Sleep System bundles globally best-in-class, sleep-enhancing products to deliver an exceptional sleep experience. Rigorously tested and driven by scientific data, this system is unparalleled. By inviting you to Breathe, Sleep, Listen, Feel, and Connect we offer you the opportunity to create a luxurious sleep environment so you can rest well and live better.

A 5-Star Sleep at Home

Re-create the exceptional sleep environments of the world’s best 5-Star hotels right in your own bedroom. The HE Sleep System creates the optimal conditions for a tranquil and revitalizing rest.  Invest in your health and wellness and give yourself the gift of a life-affirming sleep.

Browse the Hospitality Environments catalog of product technologies and customize your home sleep environment. 

5 Elements For Revitalizing Sleep

Hospitality Environments has carefully and thoughtfully curated the most superior products from around the globe to build an incomparable Sleep System enabling you to create an optimal home environment for tranquil and rejuvenating rest. We invite you to Sleep, Breathe, Listen, Feel, and Connect; the 5 Elements that we have identified, which delivers  your enhanced sleep experience:



SLEEP SYSTEM - The Italian-made Nottinblu Sleep System offers a near weightless sleep experience. Every pressure point exerted on a Nottinblu bed is instantly and equally balanced. Renowned for their design and performance these beds distribute the body’s weight during sleep with a Pressure Balance System (PBS) actively supporting the body and cradling the spine. The Nottinblu Sleep System delivers full-body relaxation, affirming sleep, and vitality upon awakening.

AIR - The OHAir ® MySpace ™ Air Purification System delivers naturally clean, fresh air, free of mold, allergens, viruses, bacteria, and unhealthy microorganisms. The patented chemical-free technology harnesses the natural cleansing power of the sun to sanitize surface and airborne contaminants. Through the creation of Hydroxyls, a natural oxidant and the most important sanitizing agent in our outdoor environment, this system is proven to reduce the SARS-CoV-2 virus by 99% within 20 minutes and render it undetectable within 80 minutes. Breathe deeply and sleep well in a healthy, natural air environment.

SOUND - Create an optimal environment for sleep and comfort with our noise reduction technology. By producing a randomized set of frequencies across the full audible spectrum, this white-noise system reduces disruptive and distracting sounds by half so you can drift off quickly and sleep deeply. 

TOUCH - Crafted from the most luxurious, natural materials, our soft-goods are sourced from around the world. Indulgent linens, ergonomic pillows, temperature-regulating mattress toppers, and seasonal duvets enhance the cocooning experience of our Nottinblu pressure-balanced bed.

CONNECT - Our proprietary, patented app serves as a personal concierge, capable of integrating with an existing “smart” home system and allowing you to customize your sleep experience by adjusting the bed’s position, regulating room temperature, modifying humidity, and altering lighting. Our app can also help you track and adapt your wellness by collecting valuable data, cataloging your preferences, and recording your sleep biometrics. 

Transform your home into an oasis with the Hospitality Environments system of patented and engineered furnishings, accessories, and technologies to give yourself the sleep experience of your dreams.

Purify Your Air

The MySpace ™ Air Purifier removes 99% of airborne SARS-CoV-2 in only 20 minutes, and 99% of surface SARS-CoV-2 in 60 minutes (Totally undetectable in under 3 hours). It sanitizes the room environment and rapidly eliminates numerous other pathogens and contaminants. This chemical and labor-free, environmentally friendly, and scalable technology is FDA-Approved and has become the new sanitization system of choice for major cruise lines and Fortune 100 companies.

Minimize the impacts of current travel restrictions and travel hesitancy with the guarantee of clean, safe, healthy air. Contact our Executive Team and discover how to bring our system into your hotel.

Sleep Well

A good night’s sleep will improve concentration and productivity, maximize performance, contribute to physical health, boost your immunity and reduce inflammation, and impact your mental resiliency. Invest in your health and wellness and create the optimal environment for a life-affirming sleep experience. Hospitality Environments gives you the opportunity to improve your overall quality of life with a system that addresses all the most important considerations for a restful sleep. Explore our suite of sleep products and customize your system.

Sleep well!

Sleep Solutions For Home And Away

Hospitality Environments provides sleep solutions for Hoteliers seeking to offer guests a healthier and more luxurious sleep experience while traveling. This sleep-affirming system is also available for those wishing to recreate  5-Star comfort in their own home. Discover the superior suite of products available, and learn more about our solutions for sleep for hospitality and home.

For Your Home: Frequently Asked Questions

The OHAir ® MySpace ™ Air Purifier replicates the natural air cleansing process of the sun to remove 99.999% of both interior airborne and surface pathogens. Unlike filtration systems, this technology’s active, cascading hydroxyl generator fills the room with powerful, yet safe oxidating molecules. Our hydroxyl generator technology has proven in “real world” test conditions to be quickly effective in removing SARS CoV-2 from the room environment. Chemical-free, labor-free, environmentally friendly, portable, and scalable, this  FDA-Approved technology, is the new interior purification system of choice for major cruise lines, Fortune 100 companies, healthcare facilities, and the hospitality market.

Our sleep systems utilize a patented Pressure Balance System (PBS) that dynamically reacts to each sleeper’s body to provide customized and optimal spinal support while eliminating pressure points. The articulating beds allow guests to work or relax in bed in a more functional ergonomic position, achieve deeper and more restful sleep, and awaken energized.

If you are currently a guest in one of our partner hotels, scan the QR code and you will be directed to our online portal to purchase your choice of products. Some of our products may also be available for immediate purchase on-site. Please enquire of front desk staff.

If you are an online guest seeking the best sleep solutions, explore our catalog of products available for purchase and delivery right to your door.

Environments For Superior Sleep

Environments For Superior Sleep


Hospitality Environments is committed to providing superior sleep solutions for luxury hoteliers and discriminating travelers across the globe. Our luxury Sleep System is second-to-none,  with technologies that foster optimal sleep conditions. Connect with our knowledgeable Executive Team to explore our suite of products and our innovative solutions to creating an exceptional sleep environment wherever you are.

Sleep Well Anywhere

At home or away, a good night’s sleep enhances our quality of life. Addressing all the factors contributing to an optimal sleep environment, HE has developed a superior Sleep System for hotels and homes. Contact our team at Hospitality Environments and begin the journey of creating an unparalleled sleep environment anywhere.

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