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Sleep is critical to our mood, health, productivity, and enjoyment of life. High quality and sufficient amounts of sleep will revitalize your mind, mend your body and reinvigorate your spirit. Hospitality Environments has curated a collection of sleep technologies to foster optimal sleep conditions.

With a focus on health, wellness, and life-affirming sleep we remedy every hindrance to good sleep and provide a revolutionary suite of products for the finest hotels and for well-traveled clients seeking an elevated, serene rest at home. Join us as we usher in a new age of tranquil, restorative rest experiences with a transcendent sleep environment.

A Sleep Philosophy

Hospitality Environments was founded in 2016 with the vision of delivering the world’s most optimal sleep environment. Sleep is vital for health. An ideal sleep experience can regenerate and revitalize - improving mood, boosting productivity, enhancing physical health, and elevating the overall quality of life. We have sourced the most luxurious and cutting-edge technologies from around the globe to create a collection of sleep-enhancing products that will elevate your sleep experience, while you are traveling, or in the cozy confines of your own home.

Our thoughtfully curated bundle of the sleep system, air purification, noise reduction, soft goods, and connectivity, is driven and informed by the science of sleep, to foster an environment where our clients can achieve a life-affirming rest.

Hospitality Environments’ sleep solutions were designed to offer lifestyle hoteliers the ability to maximize guest satisfaction by providing guests with the tools to neutralize the negative effects of travel with an unequaled sleep experience. And for the discerning traveler, by way of their luxe hotel stay, we offer the opportunity to “test-drive” the opulent sleep environment of the world's most luxurious resorts, and then re-create that environment right in your own home.

We invite you to explore the best-in-class products of our comprehensive sleep technologies and experience the transforming rest of the Hospitality Environments Sleep System.

Unparalleled Sleep Environments

The Hospitality Environments Sleep System bundles globally best-in-class, sleep-enhancing products to deliver an exceptional sleep experience. Rigorously tested and driven by scientific data, this system is unparalleled. By inviting you to Breathe, Sleep, Listen, Feel, and Connect we offer you the opportunity to create a luxurious sleep environment so you can rest well and live better.

A 5-Star Sleep at Home

Re-create the exceptional sleep environments of the world’s best 5-Star hotels right in your own bedroom. The HE Sleep System creates the optimal conditions for a tranquil and revitalizing rest.  Invest in your health and wellness and give yourself the gift of a life-affirming sleep.

Browse the Hospitality Environments catalog of product technologies and customize your home sleep environment. 

An Incomparable Sleep Solution

The science-driven technologies of the Hospitality Environments Sleep System consider all components essential to achieving optimal rest. With an abundance of thoughtful consideration to the complete sleep environment, our collection promotes an enhanced sleep experience by focusing on the 5 Elements for optimal rest:

  • Sleep System: A patented “Pressure Balance” sleep system that renders your body “weightless” - designed to respond to each individual’s body contours and personalized movements.
  • Air Quality: Experience purified, clean, allergen, and pathogen-free air, as nature intended.
  • Sound: Fall asleep quickly and sleep deeply without disturbing ambient noise.
  • Extra Touch: Indulge with bedding that is ergonomic, temperature-regulating, and luxurious
  • Connect: Take control of your own sleep experience with accessible, connected, convenient technologies

For Hoteliers

Hospitality Environments offers hoteliers the opportunity to create an unparalleled, comprehensive, in-room sleep experience - elevating the guest experience, while innovatively optimizing REVPAR.

For Travellers

Hospitality Environments offers travelers the opportunity to experience cutting-edge revolutionary sleep products, to then reinvent their home sleep environment with a suite of products that they have personally and intimately experienced through stays at the world’s most discerning and luxurious hotels.

More than just a consideration of thread count and duvet weight, we have carefully procured products that promote healthy and invigorating sleep with a focus on all aspects of wellness. Hospitality Environments has the solutions for superior sleep at home and on the road.

Purify Your Air

The MySpace ™ Air Purifier removes 99% of airborne SARS-CoV-2 in only 20 minutes, and 99% of surface SARS-CoV-2 in 60 minutes (Totally undetectable in under 3 hours). It sanitizes the room environment and rapidly eliminates numerous other pathogens and contaminants. This chemical and labor-free, environmentally friendly, and scalable technology is FDA-Approved and has become the new sanitization system of choice for major cruise lines and Fortune 100 companies.

Minimize the impacts of current travel restrictions and travel hesitancy with the guarantee of clean, safe, healthy air. Contact our Executive Team and discover how to bring our system into your hotel.

Solutions for Superior Sleep

Hospitality Environments has designed a comprehensive sleep system that creates the optimal conditions for the most health-affirming sleep experience. We have assembled the best-in-class sleep technologies from across the globe to offer luxury hoteliers the ability to elevate the guest experience by providing an unequalled sleep environment. And we are committed to extending the opportunity for lifestyle and wellness travellers to bring the tranquil sleep experience enjoyed in exclusive hotels and resorts “from hotel-to-home”.

If you are a hotelier committed to elevating your already exceptional guest experience through the adoption of the world’s finest sleep environment, or if you are a traveller seeking to bring an exceptional serene sleep experience into your home, contact Hospitality Environments and explore our sleep solutions for a life-changing slumber. 

Solutions For Home And Away

Hospitality Environments provides sleep solutions for Hoteliers seeking to offer guests a healthier and more luxurious sleep experience while traveling. This sleep-affirming system is also available for those wishing to recreate  5-Star comfort in their own home. Discover the superior suite of products available, and learn more about our solutions for sleep for hospitality and home.

Environments For Superior Sleep

Environments For Superior Sleep


Hospitality Environments is committed to providing superior sleep solutions for luxury hoteliers and discriminating travelers across the globe. Our luxury Sleep System is second-to-none,  with technologies that foster optimal sleep conditions. Connect with our knowledgeable Executive Team to explore our suite of products and our innovative solutions to creating an exceptional sleep environment wherever you are.

Sleep Well Anywhere

At home or away, a good night’s sleep enhances our quality of life. Addressing all the factors contributing to an optimal sleep environment, HE has developed a superior Sleep System for hotels and homes. Contact our team at Hospitality Environments and begin the journey of creating an unparalleled sleep environment anywhere.

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